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Flavr is a London based Brand Resource Network with state of the art production facilities and an enthusiastic bunch of content creators. We take your brand and season it.


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Enjoy the luxury of a dedicated creative team

Ease the stress of hiring and directing a team to manage your brand. We’re able to fit into the kind of budget you’d spend on a basic setup but instead bringing you full creative and strategic value.

Set the tone & let us turn the volume up

You know best what your brand stands for and we can help you tell that to the right audience, at the right time on the right platform to create maximum impact.

Own all the content, build brand value

Having access to a dedicated creative team means that you not only have access to high quality, engaging social media content, you actually own it all.

We create content that’s seen by over 100 million people each month

It’s one thing creating pretty pictures and making products look purchasable – it’s a whole new game getting eyes to fall on what we create. We’ve helped launch brands on social media that compete in the upper echelon of their industry and the secret is in our sauce.

24 hour turnaround on trending topics

If something happens in your business, our team can show up, shoot and share on social media instantly.

Custom content for your social channels

Our game isn’t to repurpose all your content, it’s to tailor it for maximum engagement on every platform.


Amplify your brand on any social media platform, no matter your size

It used to be visiting your flagship store, then the brand go-to was your website, now the first place most people will look for you is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Presentation of your brand is everything – the way your products are displayed, how information is shared and the way in which you engage with your customers.

Focus on your customers, we’ll handle the rest

The pace at which the marketing landscape is changing can be daunting – keeping up is a challenge of its own. We don’t expect you to know how social media works or why it’s important for your brand, that’s our job. We exist so that you don’t have to take your eye off the ball.

Fast Track brand growth with our network of influencers

Everybody has a story to tell, everybody wants to shine the brightest but no matter how marketing adapts, word of mouth will always remain the most powerful tool. We have a network of influencers across Beauty, Lifestyle, Entertainment & Sports that can give their backing behind your brand.

A series of elegantly produced videos to promote the high quality experience at Hilton Syon Park.


#SincerelySyon Campaign

Hilton’s high-lifestyle, luxury demeanour demands a visual aesthetic that suits. We directed a seasonal campaign for the hotel’s Syon Park residence consisting of multiple short videos that showcase the elegance and beauty of the scenic escape.

We created the content over a period of 2 months, including a thorough research and development process in collaboration with the hotel’s management and a dedicated production team on location. Watch a sample of one of the video’s we created below.

International Friendship Day


Founded by best friends, Amigos’ brand stands for love, loyalty and endearment. We wanted to highlight the essence of the brand by sharing touching stories from member’s of the public.

Skate & Vape


The vaping lifestyle has become a phenomenon in the UK and P-Vaper have led much of that cultural growth. We partnered with the fume fanatics to develop a lifestyle campaign.

More Case Studies

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Start growing your brand with experienced talent

Compromise is not on our agenda and shouldn’t be on yours either when delivering high quality content. The diversity in skillset and creativity amongst our team allows us to deliver content that competes with the world’s best brands.


Content creation and social media management toolkit

Assign the perfect team to manage your social media

Less time to worry about social media and more time to run your business. Rise gives you a one-to-one team to create content and manage your online community.

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Collaborate with influencers to elevate your brand

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Benefit from our internal network of influencers around the world. We provide a full management & liaison programme to ensure your brand beams in all its glory.

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Deliver innovative campaigns to help your brand go viral

Tell your story with smart social media campaigns.

You want your brand to be experienced, to be felt. Build targeted campaigns for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube with a calculated strategy & media production.

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